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What is Secular Backstage?

Secular Backstage is an auction website where you can bid to spend quality time with your favorite people in the secular movement. By offering their time and company (referred to as "private receptions"), authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters, activists, and organization leaders can give back to their readers, listeners, followers and fans who support their work. See our FAQ about how an auction works.


authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters, activists, and organization leaders
We know you would love to spend one-on-one quality time with all your fans—but that is just not possible. By auctioning some of your valuable time when at a conference, traveling, or even just in your home town, you give others the opportunity to have your undivided attention. You might want to auction off a private reception in the form of a dinner, lunch, 30 minutes for coffee or drinks, or even have a fan join you for your morning walk! This can be a supplement to your income, or even a way to raise money for your favorite charity.


readers, listeners, followers and fans
Shaking the hand of someone whose work you admire, getting an autograph, or snapping a selfie is great, but imagine sitting down with that person for an intimate conversation over a meal, coffee or drinks? You can bid for yourself, or bid for a group of your friends. You can search by event or browse all the available opportunities and sort by country, state, city or by person.

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